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Mission Statement: To develop youth into Christian leaders!

The Goal of Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes

The goal of Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes is to provide churches with effective year-round youth (third grade through college) leadership programs that can adapt to your congregational needs. It is a program that can equip young people with the knowledge and skills to become Bible school teachers, personal workers, effective speakers, and church leaders; they can then take these talents into communities in need of Christ, even before they graduate from high school.

Though many congregations with the Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes programs boast a 90% retention rate of their young people, it is a program that goes beyond helping churches keep their youth faithful to the Lord. It provides a way for churches to train their youth to be leaders for the Lord and His Church.

Lads to leaders / Leaderettes also provides an avenue through which young people can be motivated to become responsible Christian leaders in the home, church, school, and community. Prepare your young people now to be good leaders.

Ten Leader Pledges


  1. I am answerable to God and to society.
  2. I will overcome pessimism and live a life of faith in God.
  3. I am fully responsible for my behavior.
  4. I am responsible for my agreements and obligations.
  5. I pursue honest work to meet my responsibilities.
  6. I honor and obey my parents and respect persons in authority.
  7. I respect my body as the creation of God and use it for His glory.
  8. I choose for my friends those who enjoy doing good.
  9. I lead in building character and in demonstrating integrity.
  10. I lead in second-mile service to others.

-- Dr. Jack Zorn


That each of these pledges acknowledges a positive character trait is no accident. As Emerson said, "Character is higher than intellect -- a great soul will be strong to live as well as to think."